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Volunteer of The Year Award!

on June 6, 2012

Please see the press release below! If you know an amazing volunteer who meets the criteria below nominate themselves or you šŸ™‚

Also, check out while you are at it!

VAUGHAN, May 30, 2012ā€” Healthy Start Healthy Future is pleased to announce itsĀ  new Life With A Baby Volunteer Of The Year award, which will recognizeĀ Ā  dedicated community volunteers who have a significant impact on theĀ  lives of children 0-6 years old and/or their parents. Three awardĀ  recipients will be chosen based on the following criteria: impact,Ā  reach, and communities served. The prizes include over $2000 in cash and a new iPad.

As a volunteer based organization we know It takes a very special andĀ  wonderful type of person to commit to helping others when there isĀ  nothing in it for them.Ā  We want to salute their efforts!

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted- “Aesop”

Nominate yourself or someoneĀ  you know who and help us salute volunteerism in Canada. For more information and to enter visit:

This contest is sponsored by Head Start For Baby, a not for profitĀ  organization dedicated to providing information for families related toĀ  education, budgeting, and financial planning through all stages of life.

About Life With A Baby: Since 2009, the Life With A Baby volunteer based program has supportedĀ  over 2,600 families. In the latest evaluative study regarding LWABā€™sĀ  performance, the findings revealed that ā€˜peer supportā€™ and an increaseĀ  in social networks were ranked the highest and most important among theĀ  benefits participants received from the program. Participants claimedĀ  that the LWAB program ā€œhelped to decrease feelings of isolation byĀ  increasing their social network and providing activities to attendĀ  outside of the house.ā€ Of equal importance is the fact that LWABā€™s useĀ  of itā€™s online community also ā€œhelped to keep participants connected and involved in the community.ā€

LWAB is a three-tiered support-system that offers: 1. Local, community-based social events where parents may build relationships with their peers; 2. Online support and interactive open forums for communication among members; 3. Multi-lingual parenting programs with a focus on peer-support.

For more information, please contact: Claire Kerr-Zlobin, Executive Director Healthy Start, Healthy Future 416-833-3860


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