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I’ve mentioned before in a previous post that I did TONS of research prior to purchasing a stroller. I failed to mention that I have since become a baby research nut. Pretty much before buying anything baby related I now spend time to read reviews and ask people about the product. I find that there are so many crappy products on the market and everything baby these days cost a fortune so I want to make sure that if I am going to spend the money on an item, it better be a good one.

That takes me to my next point. Customer service. When I give a company my money and lots of it I like to know that if there is a problem that it will be dealt with in a timely manner with helpful customer service representatives. As well, if I walk into a boutique store and the sales people choose to ignore me (which has happened on many, many occasions and not just in baby stores) I will leave. I refuse to give a store money with rude employees.

Recently I had two minor issues with products and both companies were beyond phenomenal with their customer service and that is why I am dedicating this post to them. Please note that I am not getting paid by either company for the mention. This is my experience and my opinions.

I was lent a baby carrier by my sister-in-law and when Princess Peach was around 2.5 months old I put her in it and walked to the drugstore and back. It was probably a 10 minute trip in total. Princess Peach was around 12 pounds at this time and when I came home I thought my back and shoulders were going to separate from the rest of my body. I was in so much pain. So I decided to do research. I felt like everyone at this time had Baby Bjorn’s and I just wasn’t thrilled with it. Sure I could spend close to $200 for one with better support but baby can only face two ways; towards me and facing out. I then read about the Beco Gemini carrier. Never even trying one on and I was sold. S.O.L.D. I loved the possibilities of four different positions for baby to be in and the weight limits. They also offer a fantastic array of prints. Anyways, I had a minor issue with mine with a string breaking. I emailed Katie and not only did she reply immediately she provided me with explicit instructions of what to do and what to include when sending my carrier back to be fixed. Within 2 weeks my carrier was shipped from Toronto to California and back! Yes, two weeks. Super FAST! So thanks Katie and everyone at Beco for an amazing product and superior customer service. Please check out the Beco website for a more in-depth look at all their great products!

A few months back we decided to switch Princess Peach’s bottles. We were using Dr. Brown’s and they were getting really annoying to clean and travel with  so after tons of research we settled on the Gerber First essentials bottles. Super easy to use and clean and most of all Princess Peach loved them! The price was also a bonus as they are super inexpensive. After happily using these bottles for a while The Hubster and I noticed that we kept losing and misplacing the caps. On a search of a few baby stores I noticed that they did not sell replacement caps. So I looked up the number to Gerber and called their customer service department wanting to purchase some more caps. I can’t remember the lady’s name that I spoke with but she was beyond lovely. She told me that they no longer sell replacement caps in stores but that she could send me some in the mail with no expensive to me. Within seconds she had my address and told me to expect the package within the week. Five days later 6 replacement caps arrived. Easy peasy. Such a pleasure to deal with companies with such amazing customer service.

Thank you!!!

Anyone have some positive customer service experiences to share?


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Nice Wheels

Before I became pregnant I never really noticed strollers. I knew some of the brand names but really had no clue about them. Then I became pregnant and I started doing research on “THE” stroller I would be purchasing. Finding “the perfect” stroller actually became a time consuming task. Somewhat of an obsession really. This was going to be “the stroller” that we used all the time so it had to meet specific criteria. It had to be light, have a bassinet and seat, be able to put a car seat adapter onto it and have a large basket. I thought that my criteria was pretty straight forward but it wasn’t! Who knew there were so many different brands of strollers that fit our criteria. At about 4 months pregnant the search begin. I would read hundreds of reviews online to try to narrow it down. Our weekends were spent going to baby stores to speak with their sales people to get their opinions on the “best” stroller. We would then walk up and down the isles pushing the stroller, opening and closing it trying to imagine our little baby in it!

Then by process of elimination with meeting our specific criteria and our tests drives we narrowed it down to about 4 strollers. We knew everything about these four strollers! Which car seats brands had adapters, which stores had the best price to buy it, weight of strollers, maximum child weigh limit, and the accessories to be purchased. I even brought my four-year old niece to “test” all the strollers for longevity purposes to see what a child looked like in each stroller!

Once upon a time, The Hubster used to turn his head to look at attractive women and through all of our stroller research he started to look at strollers on the street and in the park!  Actually it didn’t matter where we were, he was constantly checking out strollers. It didn’t matter who was pushing it in fact and often it was a yummy mummy who he wouldn’t even notice! Sometimes he would whisper to me proudly “oh that’s an Uppababy” because he could identify it independently. Then there were many times that he would say “what stroller is that?” when it was a brand that he was not familiar with.

He also started to judge people based on their strollers. Yes, a little ridiculous I know but he did and still does. He vows that you can tell a lot about people based on their stroller types. We will keep that for a later entry!

Anyways, after months and months of research and testing we settled on our stroller. The stroller that was going to be the one and only. We chose the Uppababy Vista and it met all of our criteria and more. We do absolutely love this stroller.  The sunshade is incredible as is the massive basket underneath. It pushes nicely, my daughter is super comfy in it, and i love the ease of using it.

All in all we love our stroller and made the best decision for us. The only problem is that now Princess Peach is in a convertible car seat and no longer in the bucket. So I decided I wanted a lighter umbrella stroller to leave in the car. I got it, but that’s a story for another day.

I would love to hear about your wheels! Which ones did you choose?

Whatever wheels you decided on, enjoy ’em!


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