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Shake it baby, shake it!

Princess Peach loves music. We have daily dance parties in our house and have since she was a newborn! She has just started to clap her hands to the music and it’s the cutest thing! We also have a bunch of musical instruments. It seems like I’ve collected quite a few over the past few months. Princess Peach seems to prefer to bring a musical instrument out in the stroller on a walk or in the carseat for a drive rather than a stuffed animal type toy.

Here are some of our favourites and where you can purchase them:

Marlene’s Just Babies (

Halilit Baby BellHalilit Baby Bell $6.00

Halilit Shaker MaracasHalilit Shaker Maracas $6.00

Marlene’s Just Babies also carries a variety of other Halilit musical instruments such as a mini rainmaker and cage bells.

Mastermind Toys (

 Gigantic Keyboard Playmat $49.95 (its fun to pretend your a kid again ala the movie BIG)

 Egg Shakers (sold individually) $2.95

 Turn n’ Tumble rainstick $14.95

Toys r Us (

Bruin My First Band $29.99

Bruin - Electronic Keyboard with Mic - Bruin - Toys"R"UsBruin Electronic Keyboard with mic $29.99

LeapFrog - Learn and Groove Counting Maracas - LeapFrog - Toys"R"UsLeapFrog Learn and Groove Counting Maracas $19.99

Which ever musical instruments you have or purchase remember to have fun! Its a blast to shake it with your kid!! 🙂


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Wordless Wednesday

Got a gorgeous package today. Can’t wait to see what is inside! Check out Hope’s amazing work at



A celebrities registry

I read and Celebrity baby blog a few times a week. The other day they posted about Kourtney Kardashian’s baby registry. They stated that she is registered at I decided to check out her registry. It wasn’t a large registry at all because I’m sure she is privately registered somewhere else.

Here are a few items that she registered for that I used and loved!

The Puj Tub- fits in a sink so you don’t have to bend over and hurt your back to wash baby especially when they are newborns. Easy to clean and store!

The miracle blanket: babies love to be swaddled tight and the miracle blanket is a miracle until baby get older and smarter and learns to escape!

Sophie the giraffe and Sophie the teether: Every baby has at least one of these. Not sure the phenomenon especially because they are an insanely expensive toy but babies LOVE them:

If I could add an item to her registry it would be the Beco Gemini baby carrier. This carrier is amazing! Baby can face inwards, outwards, hip carry and on your back. It’s so comfortable to wear, washes well and is just amazing!

What would you add to her registry? What was your MUST-have items?

Shop like a pro and pretend you are a celebrity!


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Wordless Wednesday… little hair obsession

Welcome to my first wordless Wednesday post!! After doing some research, bloggers post pics on Wednesdays with no other information because the picture is suppose to say it all! It is encouraged to then post the link of your pic on other peoples blogs! So for the bloggers out there feel free to add the link to your wordless Wednesday post.


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Hello Joe!!!

I’ve always enjoyed coffee but never considered myself a coffee drinker. I use to think of it more as a treat to myself when meeting a friend or out for brunch. I never had a need to own a coffee machine (although I got a few when I got married) because I never made any!

But……then came Princess Peach. At the beginning it was the lack of sleep but I’m addicted. I’m addicted to coffee. When Princess Peach was 3 months old we purchased a Keurig machine because expensive Starbucks trips were racking up. When Princess Peach was a newborn we would visit Starbucks daily. Yes, daily. That was a minimum $4.00 a day, at least.

So then we purchased this Keurig machine and at first that sufficed. I would brew myself one coffee at home a day and I was happy. And then it happened. Princess Peach started waking up earlier, and earlier and I was more tired. So to start my day I brew myself a large Keurig coffee that goes into a thermos. I literally gulp it down. I can’t drink it fast enough. It is sooooooo good!

But then we somehow end up at Starbucks on a daily basis. So now not only am I buying Keurig K-cups but Starbucks is again sucking me in!!!

One of my favourite apps out there is the Starbucks app. O.M.G. Its amazing. And addicting. So we go to Starbucks get a venti vanilla non-fat coffee misto in the afternoon for my pick me up.

I know that somewhere down the road I will have to end my relationship with coffee. As much as we love each other and I rely on it as a daily basis one day it will have to end.

But until then, my dear cup of Joe. I cannot wait until our date tomorrow.



In the beginning…………….

This is my very first post in blogging land! I’m not sure how I will do or if anyone will read this but I am going to give it a go! Good luck to me (obviously) and all of you out there!

I hope that what I say will keep you entertaiend and maybe enlightened (if anyone reads this, it therefore could enlighten them) and provide you with the tools to buy amazing stuff for your little side kick 🙂

About me- I had a baby girl in August 2011. For the purpose of my blog we will refer to her as Princess Peach. That is one of her nicknames and I just love it. Princess Peach has been a dream child. I’m lucky. I’m not going to lie. She has been the most amazing child. No sleep training, goes everywhere with us, loves people, and is just so happy. And her happiness is the most important thing. She is our world and she makes my world and I hope one day she will make all of your world a better place to be living in.

Anyways, enough of the mushy stuff. Just want to share with everyone out there what I’ve learned over the past 15 years being around and working with children and now having one of my own. I ultimately hope that you, along with me will enjoy these posts and learn something 🙂


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