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I’m a lightweight


Before I got pregnant you could often find me out at a popular bar on a Saturday night taking shots, drinking white wine or guzzling a cranberry vodka through a straw. After a night out, The Hubster and I, along with friends would go on a search for greasy food which for me always means grilled cheese and french fries.  I can tell you where I was, and who I was with the last time I got drunk prior to getting pregnant. Then when I found out I was pregnant alcohol was an obvious no-no. I didn’t crave alcohol during my pregnancy but it was more that I couldn’t have it that I wanted it.  Then once I had baby I attempted to breast feed so alcohol again was off-limits for me. Once I was done breast-feeding I knew I could have some wine.

I’ve had a few sips on occasion and a few Friday’s ago I sat at home while The Hubster was out at a work event, Princess Peach was asleep in her crib and I poured myself  a glass of wine. I’ve probably had about half a glass and I feel a buzz. Now getting to this bottle of wine was a feat in itself. Having moved 2 months ago we haven’t unpacked our 2 alcohol/liquor boxes yet because we really haven’t needed to. But Friday was a LONG day and stressful in the morning because Princess Peach smashed her face into the floor and her mouth started gushing blood. Then she took an afternoon nap that was over 2 hours! Now, I know it doesn’t sound stressful but she just started to sleep in the afternoons and I dont’ know how to judge how long she will sleep, or what to do with all this newfound time! I didn’t want to start anything because I feared she would wake up.

By 10:30 pm on a Friday and my eyes were half closed, a glass of white wine half-finished sat on the floor beside me and one of my favourite treat of chocolate chips fill a small bowl. My how my life has change and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My nice relaxing evening quickly diminished when Princess Peach woke up around 11 pm screaming. Those damn teeth are ruining my quiet evening along with my wine. Its a good thing I only took a few sips. Mommy duty calls.


P.S. Happy 3 week bloggiversary 🙂 Thank you so much to all of you out there who are reading my blog. I appreciate every one of you!

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Z if for………..

There is nothing more fun than teaching a child his/her letters! The alphabet is so much fun to teach because letters are all around us from the “S” in a stop sign to finding letters on a Cheerios box the options are endless.  With alphabet books you can teach your children to identify their letters both receptively and expressively, you can teach them the sounds the letters make and words that start with that letter. There are tons of alphabet books on the market and some that focus on a specific interest such as hockey or animals.

Here are some fun ones!!!

Z Is for Zamboni: A Hockey Alphabet Illustrated by Melanie Rose

What is your favourite alphabet book?


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Colour your world

We’ve all been there. You are colouring a picture and you hear a crack. Your amazing coloured burnt sienna crayon has broken in half. So you pick outrageous orange from the box and continue colouring in the picture. But what do you do with that poor broken crayon that is sitting on the table? Well, I have the answer for you! Here is one fantastically fun way to reuse broken crayons!!!

Make New Fun Shaped Crayons

Make sure to remove the wrapper from the crayons. Take your broken pieces and cut them into small bits. Preheat your oven to 250 degrees. Using a non-stick muffin tin, or silicone mold,  fill the tin/mold with an inch thick of the broken pieces. The wax will leave a residue in both the tin and mold so if you aren’t ok with that use a liner in the muffin tin. Bake it in the oven for 15-20 minutes or until all the wax is melted. Wait until the mold is cooled to pop out the pieces and colour away!!!!

Fun Alternatives:

1. Add glitter to the crayons for some sparkle!

2. Arrange specific colours together in a mold for a fun themed crayon like: red, orange and yellow for fall or red, pink and white for Valentine’s day.

3. There are amazing silicone molds these days so be creative!!! From hearts, to stars and to the alphabet the options are endless!

P.S. These make an awesome inexpensive loot bag! Fill a clear cellophane bag with 4-5 crayons and attach either a little notebook or colouring book 🙂

Would love to know how you are colouring your world!


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‘Cause everything is RENT

Friday mornings I get a few hours to myself. My mom takes Princess Peach to a class so it’s a nice break and something I enjoy looking forward to every week. So my childless self decides to go downtown. I had some errands to run on Bloor St this morning and after completing them I quickly ran into Indigo to look at some books. I need a new summer read. So as a side note if anyone has any suggestions please let me know!

As I walked into the door of Indigo with my head down checking some emails I heard it-RENT. LIVE. Right in front of me were half a dozen young adults singing RENT. There was a pianist and these people standing there. I couldn’t believe it. A few people were looking on. My heart started beating fast. Of all the musicals, it had to be RENT performing live right in front of me. O.M.G. I got flustered. I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t concentrate. I didn’t have my baby with me. She couldn’t enjoy this production. All these wild thoughts were going through my head! HELP.

I went to the side to watch and all the sudden more cast members pop out of the mystery book aisle and start walking towards the other singers. There are more of them. I start lip syncing because that’s what I do when I hear RENT. I looked up and saw salvation, Starbucks. I could “listen” and enjoy this performance without looking like a total weirdo. So I order my coffee and while waiting I see another girl standing in front of me lip syncing too. So now I’m not alone. There’s another (possible) RENT lover (head) standing right in front of me waiting for her coffee. I get my coffee and sit down. How can i miss a free pop up production of RENT? I wanted to video it and probably could have but I felt creepy because I don’t know these people and still dont’ know where they are from- a school? a theatre group? So I have an idea. I can record their voices. Still creepy but inconspicuous. I’m brilliant. So I record a song. Send part to my sister and part to another friend. Genius 🙂

I get lost listened to them singing. Enjoying my coffee, just being able to sit, somewhat shortly reliving a huge piece of my past and then I look down at the time. Realize I have a shit load of stuff to do before I have to pick up Princess Peach from my mom. Snap back to reality, smile and leave.

Oh, how I love RENT.

What are your favourite musicals?



My latest purchases

A friend suggested that I post what I bought yesterday at the Mastermind Toy Warehouse Sale. So here are some of the items purchased and why I bought them!

Little Kids The Original No-Spill Bubble Tumbler is a must for the summer! You can turn it upside down and the bubbles won’t fall out! This bubble tumbler keeps your bubbles safe and hands, clothes and ground mess free!

Leap Frog Fridge Farm Magnetic Animal set keeps the kiddies entertained while in the kitchen! Put the pieces into the barn and press to hear the animal sounds and songs!

Edushape Sensory Balls are soft yet provide your little one with a sensorial experience while playing with them! For added fun roll the balls on your child’s hands, feet or back!

Radio Flyer Sport Coupe has an adjustable handle for when the kids are little and need an adult to push them. The sport coupe also has a belt, moveable steering wheel and buttons and a fun gas pump opening.

Earlyears Baby Farm Friends Bowling includes six plush animal bowling pins and a soft ball to knock them down! The pins are each numbered and each one makes a different rattling sound. Great for indoor or outdoor play!

Melissa and Doug Chunky Puzzles do not require your little one to have perfect pincer grip in order to complete. The pieces are big enough that your kiddies can use their whole hand to place the pieces into the correct spot. Lots of bright colours and different themes to each puzzle are sure to keep your little ones entertained!

Clementoni Soft Blocks Set is a perfect introduction for little ones to blocks and building things! Not only do the blocks come in a great storage container but they are super soft and smell great too! Let the building (and crashing) begin!

I hope you have enjoyed some of my toy suggestions! What toys did you buy at the sale? Find any amazing deals?



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Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

Mastermind Warehouse Sale @10:15 am today! Crazy busy but pretty amazing!

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My Childhood Library

There are many things when having a baby that lets you relive parts of your childhood. For me one part of reliving my childhood is through books. I have very fond memories of going with my mom and sister to buy books, and reading those books over and over again. There is something very comforting and nostalgic about reading your favourite childhood books to your child.

Here are 10 of my favourite childhood reads (in no particular order):

Hopefully you will grab one of the books above, snuggle under the covers with your babe and read away. I know I will be!

What are you favourite childhood books?


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Shake it baby, shake it!

Princess Peach loves music. We have daily dance parties in our house and have since she was a newborn! She has just started to clap her hands to the music and it’s the cutest thing! We also have a bunch of musical instruments. It seems like I’ve collected quite a few over the past few months. Princess Peach seems to prefer to bring a musical instrument out in the stroller on a walk or in the carseat for a drive rather than a stuffed animal type toy.

Here are some of our favourites and where you can purchase them:

Marlene’s Just Babies (

Halilit Baby BellHalilit Baby Bell $6.00

Halilit Shaker MaracasHalilit Shaker Maracas $6.00

Marlene’s Just Babies also carries a variety of other Halilit musical instruments such as a mini rainmaker and cage bells.

Mastermind Toys (

 Gigantic Keyboard Playmat $49.95 (its fun to pretend your a kid again ala the movie BIG)

 Egg Shakers (sold individually) $2.95

 Turn n’ Tumble rainstick $14.95

Toys r Us (

Bruin My First Band $29.99

Bruin - Electronic Keyboard with Mic - Bruin - Toys"R"UsBruin Electronic Keyboard with mic $29.99

LeapFrog - Learn and Groove Counting Maracas - LeapFrog - Toys"R"UsLeapFrog Learn and Groove Counting Maracas $19.99

Which ever musical instruments you have or purchase remember to have fun! Its a blast to shake it with your kid!! 🙂


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Nice Wheels

Before I became pregnant I never really noticed strollers. I knew some of the brand names but really had no clue about them. Then I became pregnant and I started doing research on “THE” stroller I would be purchasing. Finding “the perfect” stroller actually became a time consuming task. Somewhat of an obsession really. This was going to be “the stroller” that we used all the time so it had to meet specific criteria. It had to be light, have a bassinet and seat, be able to put a car seat adapter onto it and have a large basket. I thought that my criteria was pretty straight forward but it wasn’t! Who knew there were so many different brands of strollers that fit our criteria. At about 4 months pregnant the search begin. I would read hundreds of reviews online to try to narrow it down. Our weekends were spent going to baby stores to speak with their sales people to get their opinions on the “best” stroller. We would then walk up and down the isles pushing the stroller, opening and closing it trying to imagine our little baby in it!

Then by process of elimination with meeting our specific criteria and our tests drives we narrowed it down to about 4 strollers. We knew everything about these four strollers! Which car seats brands had adapters, which stores had the best price to buy it, weight of strollers, maximum child weigh limit, and the accessories to be purchased. I even brought my four-year old niece to “test” all the strollers for longevity purposes to see what a child looked like in each stroller!

Once upon a time, The Hubster used to turn his head to look at attractive women and through all of our stroller research he started to look at strollers on the street and in the park!  Actually it didn’t matter where we were, he was constantly checking out strollers. It didn’t matter who was pushing it in fact and often it was a yummy mummy who he wouldn’t even notice! Sometimes he would whisper to me proudly “oh that’s an Uppababy” because he could identify it independently. Then there were many times that he would say “what stroller is that?” when it was a brand that he was not familiar with.

He also started to judge people based on their strollers. Yes, a little ridiculous I know but he did and still does. He vows that you can tell a lot about people based on their stroller types. We will keep that for a later entry!

Anyways, after months and months of research and testing we settled on our stroller. The stroller that was going to be the one and only. We chose the Uppababy Vista and it met all of our criteria and more. We do absolutely love this stroller.  The sunshade is incredible as is the massive basket underneath. It pushes nicely, my daughter is super comfy in it, and i love the ease of using it.

All in all we love our stroller and made the best decision for us. The only problem is that now Princess Peach is in a convertible car seat and no longer in the bucket. So I decided I wanted a lighter umbrella stroller to leave in the car. I got it, but that’s a story for another day.

I would love to hear about your wheels! Which ones did you choose?

Whatever wheels you decided on, enjoy ’em!


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Go the F**k to sleep (please!!!!)

There is a great book that came out last year called Go to F**k  to sleep by Adam Mansbach. It’s a very funny book especially for parents whose babies and/or children give them a hassle about sleeping. I read the book, laughed and enjoyed looking at the pretty pictures. But, The Hubster and I are pretty lucky parents in that Princess Peach sleeps and has slept pretty much since about 6 weeks old. We are VERY lucky and definitely realize this.

But Princess Peach has never been a good napper. She will fall asleep in the car, in the baby carrier and in the stroller when we are out but once I move her she wakes up. Usually we are together and she is awake ALL day. Yes I am with a mobile baby ALLLLLLL day long. It’s exhausting to say the least. I yearned for the day when she would nap like some of her little friends for 3-4 hours a day.

Last week it was although a little bird whispered in her ear and said “be a good napper. give your mommy a break”. She slept 45 mins-1 hour in the morning and then 2-2.5 hours in the afternoon! My child? Really? And I didn’t have to do anything to get her to do this? Nope! Nothing. I’m just lucky.

But then when your baby naps and you don’t expect it you don’t know what to do. The first day this happened I literally waited around for the 2 hours she slept in the afternoon waiting for her to wake up! What was I suppose to do with all this free time?

By the end of the week I was reveling in my newfound time! I could clean, do laundry, sit and each lunch! LUNCH!!! Eat lunch! Something I really haven’t done since I left work last year! I even made a midday coffee.

So yesterday, when I went to put her down for her nap a little later than usual she decided to pull off my glasses and laugh. So I rocked her a little longer, sang her a song, kissed her forehead and she screamed when I put her in her crib. Screamed and then puked up her lunch all over her sheets. Awesome.

At this point my tummy is rumbling and my mouth is salivating thinking about the lunch I am going to make. I even planned on treating myself to an afternoon coffee. She’s been in such a good routine and I have so been enjoying my alone time in the afternoon.

So i change her sheets, bring her to the basement to play and wait 30 minutes until I try again because baby go the f**k to sleep (please and thank you). And dont’ forget…I love you 🙂


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